Euro Exchange Group: a trajectory that revolutionized the financial world

The group is transforming the financial sector, especially in the field of currency movement and global payments.

Luigi Gasparini is the vision behind the success. Founder and president of Grupo Financiero y Empresarial Euro Exchange, Luigi takes us through a journey of four decades, beginning in 1983 with the founding of Euro Exchange USA in the United States.

Its initial objective was to lead in currency exchange and money transmission. With a futuristic vision, Euro Exchange anticipated banking digitalization, building bridges between Asia, Europe and the United States, and rigorously complying with the regulations of each country.

Strengthened through association with Vinculación Financiera, Border Exchange and Löte Capital, he is ready to conquer Mexico and Latin America together with Francisco Cabrera. In an interview, he shares his evolution and the keys to his success.

What have been the greatest achievements of Euro Exchange?

Forty years ago, in 1983, we founded Euro Exchange USA in the United States with the idea of ​​implementing currency exchange through the transmission of money and, definitely, one of the greatest successes is to get ahead of banking digitalization.

We expanded to Asia, Europe and the United States, obtaining licenses and complying with regulations. In 2007, we created Euro Exchange Securities in London, expanding our services to Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. In 2017, we founded the international bank Euro Exchange International Bank in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We attribute our success to the vision of integrating talented professionals and the constant effort to explore new services and markets, adapting to the dynamics of the financial sector.

The 2019 pandemic generated significant changes in the way we do business. How has Euro Exchange responded to these challenges?

The crisis led us to reconsider traditional structures and explore opportunities in Nearshoring. Mexico appears to be a promising market, and we are exploring its expansion.

Luis Gasparini, Chairman of Euro Exchange Bank.

How did the strategic relationship with Francisco Cabrera and Löte Capital arise?

We met Fran Cabrera, a talented entrepreneur, in our search for talent aligned with our objectives. Fran’s vision and financial tools sparked the need for an alliance that promises successful development.

Francisco is an entrepreneur who participates in various fields ranging from health and beauty, fashion, logistics and financial services in such reputable companies as ivoy, Urban Curls, Harris & Frank, and now Vinculación Financiera.

For his part, Francisco Cabrera also shares his perspectives on the collaboration between Löte Cápital, Euro Exchange Group and the Financiera Vinculación institution. Francisco, what are the objectives of this alliance from the perspective of Löte Cápital?

We seek to consolidate Löte Cápital as a high-tech investment fund, incorporating new products and services through this alliance with Euro Exchange. We are in the process of establishing the appropriate legal structure for this fusion of business concepts.

In summary, this alliance between Euro Exchange and Vinculación Financiera, Border Exchange and Löte Capital, promises to redefine the financial landscape, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Nearshoring and technological innovation.

Francisco Cabrera, CEO of Löte Capital.

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